The world of Textile Design is highly complex and immensely challenging. It warrants a great deal of respect for the intricate craftsmanship and the amount of expertise it demands. Each design requires obsessive attention to detail and the ability to orchestrate all aspects of the tedious design process, from concept to finished product.

My first few years working at Robert Talbott were devoted to being an apprentice and visiting some of oldest Italian and English silk mills in existence. I have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to study the art of Textile Design from some the best weavers and colorists in the world. I am deeply humbled to learn that so much more goes into designing neckwear or a pocket square than merely sketching out a design and creating a tech pack.  

The process begins with inspiration. I create original artwork that can be converted into a repeat pattern. With the aid of creative computer software I can send my pattern proposal to a silk mill to be woven into what is referred to as a “strike-off” or “trial”. Once I have a sample of the fabric woven into the design I indicated, I then make revisions to the color and construction techniques. This process is repeated until I achieve ultimate richness and intense color saturation that compliments the unique design.

The next step after perfecting the artwork, fabrication, and color is product design and development. Much has to be accounted for in this process such as initial design of the product and creation of tech pack/specs. A prototype is constructed incorporating various design elements such as shape, pattern, linings combinations, sewing and finishing techniques. The end result is a compelling wearable art complete with subtle nuances and creative innovation inherent in each design.